In an extraordinary Mexico City hospital, disfigured children are offered new lives


"A great documentary . . . Seeing this film is one of the most significant human and spiritual experiences I've had in recent years. What pride it gave me in being a doctor, what pride to find work like this in Mexico . . . what pride I found in the hope of these families, and in these children who remind us of the grandeur of the human being,"

- Dr. Fernando Lorenzo Rego, executive director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioetheics and Human Rights

Beautiful Faces

Two Spirits

Fred Martinez was a Navajo boy who was also a girl.


"Riveting . . . A crash course on Navajo history and culture that illuminates the struggles of [Fred] Martinez, whose detailed murder and mother's grief are devastating.”

– LA Weekly


"A gorgeous, moving, wrenching, and ultimately uplifting story, the kind of film that opens the mind and heart so wide they can never close as tightly again.”

- Martha Beck, Oprah magazine columnist and bestselling author

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