The Sorrow of Archaeology,

a novel.


“Russell Martin's The Sorrow of Archaeology is an intelligent, poetic novel with the complex characterization and layered plotlines of rich literature. . . . a lyrical page-turner with a knack for grappling with the deeper human questions of self-identity, personal history, and physical and emotional brokenness.”

- Rocky Mountain News

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The Sorrow of Archaeology

The Destruction of Guernica, And The Masterpiece That Changed the World.


"Imaginative cultural historian Martin crafts a well-integrated and fascinating account of Picasso's famous painting and the horrible events that inspired it. The Author's signature approach to seemingly offbeat subjects is careful research filtered through a novelistic sensibility to grasp the inherent story, which he unfolds in the engaging, almost offhand manner of a fictional amateur sleuth."

- Kirkus Reviews

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Picasso's War

An Extraordinary Historical Odyssey

And A Scientific Mystery Solved.


"A wonderfully gripping and readable narrative...a fascinating story, full of mysteries solved and as yet unsolved."

- BBC Music Magazine


"A terrific story. Odd, suspenseful, controversial and ultimately revealing.

- Denver Post

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Beethoven's Hair

An Autistic Boy's Journey

Into Language and Communication


A deeply moving rendering of human beings in adversity...Other accounts of the suffering of autism have been published, but few can vie with this one for thoughtfulness, scholarship, and personal accent."

- New York Times Book Review

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Out of Silence

Beautiful Islands, a novel


What a rare, good thing Russell Martin has given us. Beautiful Islands is a story about decent people involved in matters of consequence, a good read and a fine pleasure."

- William Kittredge

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Beautiful Islands

Glen Canyon & the Struggle for the Soul of the West


"Martin brings to life the mixed bag of players who, in the fight over Glen Canyon, wrote the very rule book for the cat-and-mouse game that now incessantly pits the forces of development against the defenders of an ever-shrinking trickle of what used to be America's mightiest river...He has done a masterful job."

- Chicago Tribune

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A Story that Stands

Like a Dam

The Enduring Myth of the Wild West


"Martin's text is informative, yet lively, even poetic at times, with just the right touch of sentimentality. It's a huge sprawl of a book, one worth dipping into again and again."

- Houston Post

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An Astronaut’s Odyssey


"Entering Space is a knowing and scrupulously detailed account of the most ambitious American adventure aloft. It gives a sense of the prosaic minutiae and the dumb-struck wonder of traveling through space."

- Time

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Entering Space

A Neurologist, His Patients, and the Mysteries of the Brain


"A book of fascinating insights into modern medical practices and heartening accounts of individual courage . . . Martin records with uncommon sensitivity and understanding the clinical work and thoughts of a first-rate physician . . . It is excellent."

- New York Times Book Review

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Matters Gray & White

A Super Bowl Season with the Denver Broncos


"Martin's observant eye and analytical mind enable him to discuss the team in its socio-cultural context, specifically how and why the Broncos' performance affects not only the direct participants but also the community at large. It's an intelligent look into modern sports by an experienced objective observer."

– Booklist

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The Color Orange

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